Low Fat Eggless Mayonnaise – The Perfect Combination Of Health And Taste

Mayonnaise is one of the most preferred sauces/spreads/dip with many dishes. Whether it is burgers and pizzas or pasta and salads this delectable sauce is the best accompaniment. But there may be some of you who might be avoiding this tempting and delicious sauce and we can guess the 2 main reasons for the same. Are you avoiding having this...

Eggless Mayonnaise | STM Foods

Get The Most Premium Eggless Mayo Dip And Spread

In today’s world, mayonnaise is something that goes with everything that we eat. We can use it in burgers, pizzas, or wraps. Mayonnaise has become children’s favorite recently Because of the sumptuous flavor that it adds to the food. Here at STM food India, you will find the premium collection of mayonnaise. The mayonnaise that we manufacture is of the...

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