How to Make Omelet And What Are Its Varieties? Fusion Omelets Varieties

How to Make Omelet And What Are Its Varieties? Fusion Omelets Varieties

Kaise Banay tasty & delicious omelets “AAO SEEKHAIN”

Omelet is a traditional breakfast food that is derived from Latin meaning “little plate” and is often prepared individually. You can vary the ingredients used to make omelets depending on your preferences and taste. It can be prepared simply by mixing a few vegetables like onion, coriander leaves, peas, tomato, and green chili with salt, black pepper powder, and other spices. But if you are looking for a rich flavor, add a little sauce, chutney or mayonnaise to the mixture. This will help you to make a fluffier omelet. You can also add chives to add color and freshness to it.

Enjoy the varieties of French Originated Omelet:

The origin of the omelet is unknown, but it can be traced back to ancient cookbooks. It is most likely that the word “omelet” originates from France. The French word omelet means egg-shaped dish. In addition, the word “alemette” means a thin plate. Both words are related to the concept of an omelet and have a long history.

Delicious Fillings of Omelet You Can’t Resist:

The omelet may be made with different types of fillings. In some countries, the omelet is filled with a mixture of sausage and chicken. This combination provides a hearty breakfast that is also packed with protein. In fact, omelets can have as much as 100 grams of protein! This makes them a great alternative to protein powders and pastries.

There are three popular types of omelets. These are the American-style omelet, the French-style omelet, and Indian –the style omlet. American omelets are fluffy, thin, and crispy, while French omelets are slightly softer. Both types have a puffed, puffy texture and are cooked in two ways, either by folding or rolling them. But if you are talking about Indian omlet then you have now so many options with fusion innovations like Schezwan omelet, Creamy omelet, Desi Dhania Mint Chatkara omelet, Peri Peri omelet, Hummus omelet, Chilli Garlic omelet, etc… And therefore STM Foods comes into picture where is the variation available to create your own omelet version.
To make the most out of these omelets, you can purchase sauce, chutney, mayonnaise, dips, etc. from STM Foods. The food products manufactured by STM are widely acclaimed for their purity and quality. These are made by mixing premium quality spices in an adequate amount.  Also, for bulk orders, there are special discounts that you can’t miss out on.


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