How To Make Delicious Momos And Its Varieties

How To Make Delicious Momos And Its Varieties

Momos are one of the most popular and delicious food items all across the world. Its recipe is too simple, but the taste is brilliant and this is why the dish is loved by people of all age groups. These days, many different types of momos with distinct tastes are available in the market. All the magic is inside the filling. In various food courts and restaurants, you can enjoy momos with different fillings

The many different varieties of momos that you can enjoy!

Momos are classified based on the fillings that they have.

  • Steamed momos are an all-time favorite of people on a low-calorie diet.
  • If you are a genuine food-lover, you must try veggie momos, chicken momos, cheese momos, chilly momos, and fish momos which are simply delicious.
  • Also fried momos, and tandoori momos are high in demand among children and youngsters.

Here is how you can try making momos at home!

So, if you want to try out making momos then first order the best quality momos filling masala and dips from a leading manufacturer of mayonnaise, sauces, masalas, and dips. Yes, it is STM Foods. If you are running your momos outlet and need a bulk amount of masala, or dips, you can book it from STM. Now, let’s start with the recipe:

First, check out how to make the filling. For this sauté ginger and garlic in oil and then add different veggies of your choice and add the momos filling masala with mayonnaise and spreads. Mix well and your momos filling is ready. Knead the all-purpose flour well to make a smooth dough. Make sure that you add salt to the flour before you knead the dough. Make small balls of dough and then roll them into a small roti and add the filling to it and then seal the momos.

Now steam the momos in a steamer and piping hot and delicious momos are ready. Serve it with STM foods momos dip, momos rocket sauce, or momos hot & spicy sauce. Remember two things only to get the best momos café award first to have the best fillings and second the best dips with mayonnaise versions. No buddy can defeat in taste & aroma of STM Foods sauces, dips, filling masala & mayonnaise. They have varieties of products, especially for momos manufacturers like veg, non-veg or paneer filling masala, a range of momos mayonnaise & a range of sauces along with dips. Everyone loves their style of preparation of sauces & dips due to their only yummy and delicious taste.


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