How To Make Tandoori Tikka And Its Varieties?

How To Make Tandoori Tikka And Its Varieties?

One of my all-time favorite starters is tikkas. This mouth-watering dish is popular throughout the world for its amazing taste. These tikkas can be added to gravy resulting in a yummy main course recipe. Using these, the chefs can make numerous types of tandoori tikkas dishes or add them to veg or non-veg biryanis to enhance their taste.

These days, different varieties of tikkas are available in hotels. The major and the most common are:

  • A veggie tandoori platter that has different types of vegetables marinated in the tandoori or tikka marinade and then baked in a tandoor.
  • An all-time favorite and simply delicious chicken tikka that needs no introduction.
  • Fish tikka for which the chef uses fresh fish and all necessary spices in appropriate quantities.

Apart from these, prawn tikka, panner tikka, baby corn, and mushroom tikka are also very popular amongst food lovers.

It is time to check the recipe for all-time hit tandoori chicken tikka:

When it comes to making chicken tikka you might be under the impression that it is a very tough task. But thanks to STM Foods, they make it too easy. Yes, it is now very easy to make all types of tandoori tikka.

  • All that you need is the readymade tandoori, tikka, haryali, afghani, Amritsari, and barra marinade from STM foods.
  • Now take the pieces of boneless chicken and wash them well.
  • To this boneless chicken add a generous amount of STM Foods Let the chicken marinate for a few hours.
  • Now, all that you have to do is put the pieces of chicken in the skewers and place them on the tandoor. Once the chicken is cooked garnish it with all-purpose mix herb masala (especially for non-veg), onion rings, and lemon juice along with their tandoori mayo or tikka dip or a hotel-style green chutney.

Your favorite tandoori tikka is ready. Share it with your lovable ones and enjoy the restaurant-like tikka made by you. Similarly, you can make different flavored tikkas in restaurant style with STM Foods marinade pastes. Once you know the recipe, you find it easy to prepare any kind of tikkas. Yes, now you can try veggie tikka or paneer tikka, fish tikka or any other tikka recipe by making use of the readymade tikka marinade from STM Foods.

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