How To Prepare Wraps & Roll & Its Varieties

How To Prepare Wraps & Roll & Its Varieties

Are you a street food lover? Then, you definitely like Wraps and Rolls. This is one of the amazing street foods famous throughout the world. Seeing its increasing popularity in the Indian market, several joints and popular cafes and restaurants start selling a scrumptious variety of wraps and rolls. If you are interested in knowing the different types of wraps and rolls, then why wait? Have a look at the following article and get to know about the kinds of delicious wraps and rolls. Here, you will also get a deep insight into the procedure of making this wonderful street food.

So, a variety of wraps and rolls are waiting for you:

The joints exclusively involved in selling wraps and rolls have a separate list consisting of different kinds of wraps. For non-vegetarians, the options include mutton Kathi roll, chicken roll, etc. On the other hand, if you are a pure vegetarian, you can enjoy paneer tikka rolls, vegetable and cheese rolls, or corn wraps.

Want to try making a veg mayo roll?

Now, let’s start discussing the recipe for the basic type of vegetarian roll.

  • To make the veg mayo roll you need roti, and different types of vegetables like shredded carrots, sliced mushrooms, shredded cabbage, corn, etc.
  • You also have to make sure that you order mayonnaise sauce, chilly flakes, and tomato ketchup of the best quality. For that, you can rely on STM Foods, a renowned company known for manufacturing a wide range of mayonnaise sauces, dips, and seasonings. For online orders, open the website of STM, choose your desired product, and make the payment.
  • In a pan put some olive oil and then add the corn and mushrooms and add salt and pepper and saute the mixture.
  • Next, let the mixture cool and to it add the mayonnaise and coriander chili sauce from STM foods.
  • Mix well and take the roti, apply a mayo and cheese sauce to the roti, and next place the corn and mushroom mixture in the center.
  • Add shredded cabbage, carrot, and lettuce leaves. Added shredded cheese and chilly flakes and fold the wrap from both sides.
  • Option for rolls & wraps as filling spreads, sauces, dips, Seasoning like tandoori mayonnaise, coriander mayonnaise, butter chicken spreads, rogan josh spreads, tikka dips, cheese dressing, kathi roll mayonnaise, shawarma mayonnaise & all in one mix herbs seasoning to get best varieties of rolls & wraps for your outlet.

Your ultimate street food is ready-to-eat. Enjoy…


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