How To Make Shawarma And What Are Its Varieties?

How To Make Shawarma And What Are Its Varieties?

One food item that is becoming very popular by the day is Shawarma. The succulent pieces of meat and the bread and the overall sauces used in this unique dish are simply amazing. There is a wide range of Shawarma varieties that are available and including chicken Shawarma, BBQ chicken shawarma, full meat shawarma, Mexican shawarma, etc. You can either avail it from any offline restaurant or make an online purchase. Yes, these days many popular restaurants serve Shawarma.

But you may be keen to make the same at home, right? Well then here is a simple way to make mouth-watering Shawarma at home.

So, what is the easy way to make Shawarma at home?

To make chicken shawarma, the ingredients you need are boneless chicken, onions, tomatoes, vinegar, tahini sauce, and lettuce leaf, pepper. Additionally, you also have to add all kinds of spice powder or you can take STM sizzling magic powder which is a mix of all spices. You need to marinate the chicken overnight with curd, different shawarma mayonnaise, and seasonings from STM Foods.

Next day bake the chicken till it is golden brown and once the chicken is done cut it into thin slices. You also need to prepare the shawarma mayonnaise or the easy way out is to use relishing shawarma Sauces & Spreads from STM Foods.

To make different shawarma rolls with below said flavors:

  • Shawarma Mayonnaise
  • Schezwan
  • Desi Shawarma
  • Mexican Shawarma
  • Harissa Shawarma
  • Makhani Shawarma
  • Tandoori Shawarma

Now take the pita bread and place the baked chicken pieces and the sauce and also place tomato slices, onion rings, lettuce, and wow! Your amazing chicken shawarma is ready!

Similarly, you can prepare other shawarma recipes using the sauces and spices from STM foods which is one of the best manufacturers of different types of mayonnaise, sauces, and marinades. Using the different spreads of STM, you can make meat shawarma or you can also try making fish shawarma, etc. To get the different sauces, spreads, dips, marinades, and seasonings from STM Foods all that you have to do is place the order online with STM Foods then the same shall be delivered to your doorstep. They are available online round the clock to take your bulk order.


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