How To Prepare Sandwiches & Its Varieties?

How To Prepare Sandwiches & Its Varieties?

Sandwiches are an all-time favorite for many people, especially the younger generation. If you are also a lover of this amazing food item, you have to search for a restaurant or cafe serving a delectable variety of sandwiches. One of the reasons that sandwiches are so popular is that they are easy to prepare, good for health, and simply yummy.

The Numerous Varieties Of Sandwiches That You Can Enjoy!

These days, numerous types of sandwiches are available in the market including the all-time favorite veg sandwich, grilled cheese sandwiches, wraps, and pinwheel sandwiches. But what about non-vegetarians? No worries as now restaurants are also serving different kinds of non-veg sandwiches. What people love these days are Chicken sandwiches. They love to eat different types of chicken sandwiches like grilled chicken sandwiches, barbeque chicken sandwiches, etc.

Want To Make The Simple Veg Sandwich The Easy Way?

Going to prepare sandwiches in your kitchen? Don’t get panic. Also, no need to visit any online portal to learn the recipe. You need to do some basic preparations like preparing the coriander & mint chutney or any mayonnaise, cutting some veggies, etc. No need to taking any effort to make this chutney or spreads. Simply avail the readymade and delicious coriander and mint chutney from the online store of STM Foods. Now, spread a generous amount of both of these chutneys on the bread slices. Later on, place slices of veggies like cucumber, tomatoes, and onion ring on the slice. You can also put some cheese sauce and tomato chili sauce from STM Foods. Your delicious veg sandwich is ready and that too in just a few minutes.

Varieties of spreads & chutneys for sandwiches:

  • Mint Mayonnaise
  • Butter Chicken Sandwich Spreads
  • Tandoori Sandwich Spreads
  • Harissa Mayonnaise
  • Mexican mayonnaise
  • Rogan Josh Sandwich Spreads

If you want to make such delicious sandwiches quickly then you have to place an order for the different types of sauces and seasonings from STM Foods. They are reckoned as one of the best manufacturers of sauces, dips, chutneys, and several other food items. You can avail bulk amount of these items from STM at a special discounted price.

To get these tasty food items at your doorstep, visit the official website of STM Foods and make an online purchase.


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