How To Make Delicious BURGERS With Mayonnaise & Spreads?

How To Make Delicious BURGERS With Mayonnaise & Spreads?

A delicious patty covered with lip-smacking cheese and yummy buns is something that no one can resist. Yes, we are talking about burgers and you can find endless varieties of burgers right from the veggie burger where the patty can be made from potatoes or veggies or even lentils. Then of course there are these non-veg burgers where the patty is made from meat, chicken, fish etc.

Burgers can be short stack burgers that have girdled cooked patty, soft bun and iceberg lettuce etc. The high tower burger has a thicker patty and the buns are lightly toasted there are lots of fillings like onion rings, lettuce etc which adds to the height of the burger.

Want to make burgers that are irresistible?

If you are keen to make burgers that are simply amazing then you have to make sure that the patty is delicious, the buns are fresh and soft and the mayonnaise and spreads that you use have to be outstanding. Yes, the taste of a burger depends in a big way on the sauces that you use. For example, to make a simple potato patty burger you have to first spread a generous amount of burger mayo on the bun. Then put the patty and the fillings like onion rings, tomato slices, jalapeno etc. To give more taste you can put some cheese sauce and tomato ketchup and you are done.

The spreads that you use depend on the type of burger that you are making. You can try out a variety of permutations and combinations to make your signature burgers. But you can get the best taste only when you use the mayonnaise and spreads from the best burger mayonnaise and spreads manufacturer and that is STM Foods. This company is known for its large varieties of mayonnaise, sauces and spreads.

Types of Burgers you can easily make at your home of food corner:

  • Harissa Burger
  • Spicy Burger
  • Mexican Burger
  • Afgani Burger
  • Desi Burger
  • BBQ Burger
  • Rogan Josh Burger
  • Butter Chicken Burger

So, next time you want to make the best quality burgers at home then all that you have to do is make sure that you buy quality mayo, sauces and spreads from STM foods. As this shall surely help in enhancing the flavor of your burgers.


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