Maintain Healthy Sweetness In Your Life!

Maintain Healthy Sweetness In Your Life!

A perfect option to add sweetness without any fear of SUGAR & its complications with the use of Sugar-Free Sweetener in your daily life…

Yummy dinners/lunches end with desserts and mornings are dull without that sweet cup of tea & coffee, Gajar ka halwa, Kheer & any other dishes. But some of you may be skeptical about using sugar due to the harmful effects associated with it. Added sugar is known to harm the health of the person. It can have a negative impact on the metabolism and it can contribute to issues like obesity & diabetes. Then what to do if you have a sweet tooth? Make the great sacrifice of banning sweetness from your daily life? No, you need not take this extreme step as there is a healthy alternative that you can choose.

How About adding some Sucralose-based artificial sweetener to your coffee?

You can now bid goodbye to calories but not to sweetness by opting for a Sugar-free sweetener (Sucralose-based approved by FSSAI & USFDA).

  • This is a zero-calorie sweetener and so you can rest assured that it is not going to contribute to excess calorie intake.
  • Sucralose is your partner who can help you to manage health issues like obesity better
  • This artificial sweetener proves that all that is healthy is not bland. Sucralose brings the zest of healthy living in your life without compromising on the sweetness aspect. This sugar substitute is extremely sweet and so only a small amount of it is enough for your food or beverage.

Choose sucralose based sweeteners only from the right manufacturer:

If you want to get the best sucralose-based sugar-free sweetener then you have to choose only the best, sugar-free sweetener manufacturer. STM Foods Pvt Ltd is known for its quality products and this sucralose-based sweetener is one such product.

  • The artificial sweetener is vegetarian-based. This is the right option for foodies who are also health-conscious.
  • Whether you have diabetes or obesity issues you can always choose this artificial sweetener.
  • You can easily use it while cooking or baking food because the sucralose in this artificial sweetener is heat resistant.

STM Foods provides sugar-free sweeteners under Brand SWEET TOUCH in many forms so that every Indian can enjoy their foods & beverages with original taste and flavors.

  • Sugar-Free Drops

Application – Tea, Coffee, Milk, Lassi, Chach, Nimbupani, etc

  • Sugar-Free Tablets

Application – Tea, Coffee, Milk, Lassi, Chach, Nimbupani, etc

  • Sugar-Free Powder

Application – Gajar & Suji ka Halua, Kheer, Rashugulla, Rabdi, Gulabjamun, Kaju Katli & Laddoo etc.


Yes! So no more sacrifices are required as this amazing sucralose-based artificial sweetener is a healthy way of having desserts and beverages of your choice. Now you can cut down on sugar but no need to cut down on your liking for any foods.


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