Make Yummy Non-Veg Dishes Using These Shortcuts

Make Yummy Non-Veg Dishes Using These Shortcuts

Making non-veg dishes is a tough task as there are so many pastes, masalas, and marinades that have to be added to these dishes to make them delicious. But, this is not easy क्यूंकि किसी marinade  में दही चाहिए तो किसी dishes में बारीक लहसुन और अदरक का पेस्ट चाहिए. Now, this can be damn tough especially if you are throwing a party or have some unexpected guests at home. But in my case, I make non-veg dishes like a project. Whether it is chicken adrak or chicken lollipop I can manage everything easily and the outcome is also great. I am also able to serve the right Non-veg foods with dips and sauce.

मैं आपको भी सिखा सकती हूँ आसान तरीका कि कैसे बनाये perfect non-veg dishes really fast. I can also tell you how to serve the right dips and sauces with the different dishes. All that you need to do is have STM Foods’s varieties of gravies, marinade paste, dips sauces & seasoning.

अब आप ये सोच रहे होंगे कि मैं STM Foods की brand ambassador हूँ क्या कि इतनी तारीफ़ कर रही हूँ.. नहीं…..मैं ऐसा इसलिए कह रही हूँ क्यूंकि मैंने खुद इनके food items को आजमाया है.. This is an amazing brand that makes different types of marinades, gravies, sauces, and dips specially designed for non-veg dishes. So, when you are planning a party where you need to prepare non-veg food for a large group of people all that you have to do is get the sauces, dips, marinades pastes, and gravy mixes of STM Foods. Like you can make authentic Delhi vala butter chicken with STM Foods butter chicken gravy. For Chicken Biryani you just need rice & chicken and the rest will be done with their lucknowi/Hyderabadi biryani paste. Even you can make Afghani Chicken by using afghani gravy/marinade paste. Yes, how we can forget about their Rogan Josh Gravy too? So it is a win-win situation for a party organizer, cloud kitchen & restaurant owner to have these prepared gravies mixes. Just forget about the headache of its preparation process. Add & Heat process is the key of hassle-free good authentic tasty foods with the help of STM Foods products with the base gravies range.

Now no need to do any peeling of garlic and grinding of masalas! You have to follow my idea of using the ready mixes of STM Foods. All the gravies, sauces, and dips of this company have amazing taste and the dishes that are made using these products are amazing.


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