Scrumptious Salads Taste Yummier With STM Foods Salad Dressings

Scrumptious Salads Taste Yummier With STM Foods Salad Dressings

I am a die-hard fan of salads and there is one popular salad joint here in Bengaluru that I frequently visit. I visited this salad bar first time with one of my office colleagues who is a health freak. She told me that the salads here are never boring and are simply finger-licking good. I ordered their salad with Thai sweet chilli sauce and it was simply mind-blowing. नाजाने उन्होंने ऐसा कौन सा ingredient use किया था उस सलाद में. कुछ तो अलग था,पर वो जो भी था बेहतरीन था. I mean, that sauce has the perfect balance of spiciness and sweetness. During my subsequent visits, I tried their other salads like the Caesar salad dressing, chilli oregano sauce and one with honey mustard sauce and I have to say that it was delicious.

I tried making these salads at home but the salad dressing did not have an authentic taste. I thought they must be importing the sauces or using a foreign brand. One day I just peeped into their kitchen and was surprised to see packets of STM Foods which is an Indian brand. That is when I realized that they are ordering Online Salads Dressings in Horeca 1 kg pack from अपना देसी brand “AM2PM” from STM foods pvt. ltd. I thought that STM might be providing Salads Dressings for Horeca or the institutional sector. But when I checked I came to know that there are Online products pan India supply from STM Foods with even low qty for startups food takeaways, cafes, cloud kitchens, restaurants, etc.

So even I have ordered their sauces and I am using them for my salads and maybe someday even I will have my salad bar. It’s my suggestion that if you are a fitness freak and a food lover too, at least one time try & BUY Online Salads Dressings from STM Foods app in a 1 kg horeca pack. You can download the app from Goggle app store very easily.


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