STM Foods Offer You The Dream Premium Quality Cheese Blend

STM Foods Offer You The Dream Premium Quality Cheese Blend

Cheese blends are the best way to create your ultimate pizza get cheesier. Many branded & independent pizza restaurants use cheese blends, and the number of restaurants is rising daily due to the increase in the use of cheese blends due to their cheesiness & pricing in respect of fresh cheese. By blending cheese, it becomes easy to create many different flavors, which will go as topping up on various dishes.


There are two broad types of cheese blend:

1) A mixture of two natural kinds of cheese powder and

2) A mixture of natural fresh cheese and substitute cheddar cheese powder.

Different blends will produce different flavors, stretches, colors, and burns, given the operator’s oven configuration and personal preferences. Usually, cheese mixtures are made by mixing spray-dried cheddar cheese with another type of cheese to give a more realistic cheesy touch. In addition, many pizzeria owners like to sprinkle cheese in front of customers to show them that they have the best cheese combination.


Types of Cheese Blends:-

  • Creamy cheese blend
  • Nachos cheese blend
  • Jalapeno cheese blend
  • Peri-Peri cheese blend
  • Italian Mix Herbs cheese blend
  • Tamatino cheese blend

AND many more…………


STM foods are the best cheese blend manufacturer. Do you provide the perfect blend of cheese which will fit into your burger and pizza perfectly?


The benefits of cheese blend and how to use it:-


  • Taste like fresh cheese
  • Great spreadability on pizzas & bread
  • Great taste booster
  • Pricing is very low as compared to fresh cheese
  • Improves the quality of fast foods
  • No refrigeration required to preserve the cheese blend
  • Keep it at room temperature


You can use our cheese blend as:-

  • A topping over pizza and other stuff
  • To make cheese dosa
  • To make cheese momos
  • To make yummy cheese rolls
  • Can we use in pasta
  • You can make grilled cheese gourmet
  • You can pair it with the bread to make a tasty cheese sandwich.


From where can you buy our cheese?

We provide the perfect cheese blend in the town, and we are proud of our service. Our cheese blends are perfect for every dish you want to make using them. If you want to buy our cheese, then you can visit our website. Just search up on the way for STM Foods private limited, and you will be taken to our website. There you can select the cheese variants which fit your need perfectly and place an order for them.

Order on Call or WhatsApp:- 9810367751

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