This Is How I Give Indo-Chinese तड़का To My Food

This Is How I Give Indo-Chinese तड़का To My Food

I live in a joint family where almost all the members are foodies. But each one has their likes and dislikes and as the Annapurna of this joint set up, I have to ensure that all get the food of their liking.

Talking about their taste, my in-laws want that देसी तीखा खाना and the kids love something different everyday. My husband is spoilt for choices when it comes to food and even, I don’t want to compromise with the cravings of my taste buds.

So, you can imagine the kitchen scene in our house. Well, from the time I started using Indo-Chinese schezwan chutney in my kitchen I can handle things better. So now if my father-in-law demands something spicy with बाजरे कि रोटी and kids want to have schezwan pizza I have no problem. All that I have to do is make use of the schezwan chutney in the food item.

Now there are so many different brands of Indo-Chinese schezwan chutney in the market. But I have to choose a brand that all the members of my family love. After many trials and experiments, I have zeroed down the schezwan chutney from STM Foods. इसका स्वाद जबरदस्त हैं aur ये स्वाद available हैं बहुत ही कम दामों पर.जी हाँ,STM Foods are known for offering cost-effective and high-quality products.

अब तो Everyone in my family simply loves the taste of the schezwan chutney from STM Foods. I even use it for marinating non-veg foods and I also serve it as an accompaniment. So, if anyone of you is also facing the dilemma of choosing the best schezwan chutney then all you have to do is buy one that is manufactured by STM Foods. Because they have great team of food technologists, R&D specialist, chefs & a great Technical Director who is leading the front to provide good tasty & cost effective range of mayonnaises, spreads, dips, chutneys, dressings, sauces, seasonings, gravies, marinade pastes since 2008.

So just relax & purchase your all needs of items from one mobile app.


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