A Yummy Twist To Mouth-Watering Kathi Rolls With Kathi Roll Mayonnaise

A Yummy Twist To Mouth-Watering Kathi Rolls With Kathi Roll Mayonnaise

No foodie can ever miss out on having the traditional Indian wrap that is Kathi roll. Juicy and appetizing vegetarian and non-vegetarian kebabs are rolled in wraps and this combination is heavenly.

You know what but you can add some more flavor to this succulent roll and for this Kathi roll mayonnaise is the perfect & exclusive ingredient provided by the STM Foods Pvt Ltd. in Noida in bulk qty. It is typical Indian street food, comes with different combinations but still unfortunately no dips or spreads have been compatible with these juicy kathi rolls. Hence company with the brand AM2PM serves authentic Kathi roll mayonnaise to use as a dip or spread along with many flavors like fresh coriander, mint, jalapeno, garlic schezwan, etc. One thing can be assured that no one can eat only one Kathi roll because this Kathi roll mayonnaise sauce will generate a lot amount of carving & desire to eat it again and again.

Explore The Many Ways of Using Kathi Roll Mayonnaise With The Flavorsome Wraps:

  • Mix the yummy filling of chicken kebabs with the kathi roll mayonnaise sauce and then use it as a filling for your wrap.
  • You can also spread several dollops of different types of mayonnaise-like garlic mayonnaise, chipotley dip, harissa dip, oregano mayonnaise, mint mayonnaise on the wrap and then put the filling of veggie kebabs.
  • You can serve the Kathi roll mayonnaise as an accompaniment with the traditional Kathi roll.
  • Once the wrap is ready to serve you can simply spread the Kathi roll mayonnaise on the outer side of the hot wrap.

No matter how you use it you can rest assured that your Kathi roll is going to taste all the yummier with this amazing mayonnaise sauce.

It Is Time To Grab Your Yummy Kathi Roll Mayonnaise Bottle Now!

We are sure that you just cannot wait to serve mouth-watering Kathi rolls along with this amazing mayonnaise dip. For this, all that you need to do is buy the sauce from a reputed Kathi roll mayonnaise manufacturer and that is none other than STM Foods. This company has a wide range of mayonnaise sauces right from traditional eggless mayonnaise to garlic and herbs mayonnaise, mint mayonnaise, tandoori mayonnaise, etc. You can use all these amazing flavors with your Kathi rolls. You can experiment with different types of mayonnaise sauces from this company when you are preparing the Kathi rolls.

Wondering How To Stock Up Your Kitchen Rack With The Mayonnaise From STM Foods?

It is very easy to order the Kathi roll mayonnaise from STM Foods. You need to place the order for the mayonnaise on their website and the same is delivered by the company to your delivery address.



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