Get To Know About The Jain Fast Food Business & Utilization Of Without Onion Garlic

Get To Know About The Jain Fast Food Business & Utilization Of Without Onion Garlic

One type of fast food that is immensely popular in India is Jain fast food. In cities like Mumbai & Gujarat, it is not just the Jains who prefer this specialized kind of fast food made without using onion garlic. But many other communities also love Jain food items like Jain पाव भाजी, Jain pizza, Jain burger & sandwiches or Jain Hakka noodles, etc.

I have been in this Jain fast food business for more than a decade and it is the biggest challenge for me to maintain the authentic taste of the dish without using onion and garlic. So, I suggest the newcomer’s जो इस business में अपना हाथ आजमाना चाहते हैं are check the proper details of the Jain fast food business & utilization of without onion garlic sauces, spreads, dips, seasonings.

Luckily these days many companies manufacture sauces and mixes that are without onion and garlic. But the crucial factor is the taste. When I ventured into this business of Jain Fast food I spent almost a month trying out sauces from different companies. But most of them lacked that kind of flavor and taste.

Then one day a sales representative of STM Foods approached me and gave me some samples of Jain sauces & seasonings. He told me सर जी, एक बार खाओगे खाते रह जाओगे. I have to accept that he was right. The sauces were amazing and there was no compromise with the taste like pizza pasta sauce, schezwan sauce, chipotle dip, harissa dip, tomato ketchup, pizza seasonings, etc.If you are also interested in knowing about the Jain fast food business & utilization without onion garlic then the first thing that you have to do is find the right Jain sauce maker और मेरे ख़याल में तो STM is the best.अरे हाँ, एक बात और….they charge a very reasonable amount for their products.


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