The Midas Touch That Makes My Food Amazing

The Midas Touch That Makes My Food Amazing

Hi guys,

I have a cloud kitchen in Delhi and I take pride in saying that I have clients from across the city who just relish the food I cook. I have clients who take regular tiffin and I also have regular party orders. My dream is to become of the most famous Cloud kitchen & Restaurants in Delhi.

But when I started my cloud kitchen I did not have a regular flow of orders and some of my friends who had tasted the food I prepare gave me the feedback that the food is tasty but somehow something is missing in the food which I need to rectify at the earliest if I need to get regular orders. They also told me that I need to provide a variety of cuisines like Chinese and Mexican and not just provide regular Indian food.

Now I was in a fix and did not know what exactly needs to be done. One thing I was sure that to scale up my business I had to act fast and the first change was that I decided to make changes in the spices, dressings, sauces, marinade pastes & seasonings that I was using. While checking online I came across this company called STM foods Pvt Ltd that had a variety of sauces, mayonnaise, spreads, dips, chutneys, pastes, prepared & base gravies as well as spice mixes and they had really good reviews. Because after getting so much research & then getting to know that they are more than 15 years old company, has Indian & International standards and certifications which required in manufacturing to process foods. Therefore now I am in the position to let off my worries & can focus on my business more preciously.

So, I decided to try their products and my clients just loved the taste of the food that I prepared. I also tried their ready-to-use marinade as well as gravies and the outcome was awesome. It not only helped in saving time as I did not have to invest time in making the different pastes and sauces but it also helped me to speed up my work and it also gave that authentic taste to the food. STM products shall surely help me realize my dream of becoming one of the best Cloud kitchens & Restaurants in the city.

My problems have been gone now & I can assure you that STM Foods Pvt, Ltd. is like a blessing for those startups, cloud kitchen owners, restaurant owners, and fast food owners who are looking for one window solution for their authentic raw materials supplier. And their dealing person Mr. Vikas Singh is the key person who can help out, how we can incorporate their products into our business.

One can benefit from the following features:

  • Varieties of products for fast foods & restaurants needs
  • Save timing & wastage
  • Same taste each & every time
  • पैसा वसुल products. Cost-effective products.
  • No need to get chef training.

I now offer an Ala carte menu as well as set meals and also different cuisines to my clients and this was possible only because of the products of STM Foods. AM2PM the brand is looking for everyone now.


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