Low-Calorie Sauces-स्वाद और सेहतका ख़जाना |

Low-Calorie Sauces-स्वाद और सेहतका ख़जाना |

I am very conscious about the health of my family and so I always try to cook food that is low in calories. But kids being kids always want something yummy and मज़ेदार. So, I was in a fix and did not what exactly needed to be done. Then I spoke to my friend who is a known nutritionist. She told me to try Fat-free low calorie sauces of STM foods to add some extra taste to the food. उसने कहा that these sauces are low in fat but there is no compromise with the taste of the sauces. So, अगलेहीदिन I ordered some of their mayo-based spreads & sauces and some non-mayo-based sauces & dips. I used these amazing sauces as marinades and as salad dressing and I also served them as a dip along with some steamed snacks like dhoklas and idlis.

My kids and also my hubby just love the food that I make using these sauces and they also enjoy it as an accompaniment with snacks and meals. Ye सब मुमकिन हुआ only because of the tasty and healthy sauces जो मैंने STM Foods सेख़रीदा था.

Now every month when I make the grocery list, I also make a list of the Fat-free low calorie mayonnaise, sauces, spreads, dips, dressings, and chutneys that I required and place the order with STM Foods. My family is happy that they are getting स्वादिष्ट food and I am happy that I making no compromises on their health. STM Foods has a wide range of healthy sauces and I use different permutations and combinations to make some delectable भारतीय, Chinese and continental dishes at home. Additionally, the price of these sauces is also very reasonable and it doesn’t disturb your budget. तो इंतज़ार किस बात का, if you are a food lover, buy at-free low-calorie sauces to enjoy tasty food at your home. Now I can say that fast food can be good for the family.





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