ऐसे बनाते हैं Crispy पकौड़े |

ऐसे बनाते हैं Crispy पकौड़े |

I have a ढाबा-style restaurant close to the national highway Jaipur and I have a regular influx of clients round the clock. One of the fast-moving items of my Dhabais the स्वादिष्ट और कुरकुरे पकौड़े. I serve a wide range of पकौड़ा like mixed vegपकौड़ा, प्याज़ पकौड़ा, पनीर पकौड़ा, etc. Every time a client finishes the plat of पकौड़ा they have only one question and that is “ये इतना crispy outer covering कैसे बनाते हो?” All that I do is smile and say nothing. But today I am going to share this secret recipe of how I make crispy pakodas.

Well, when it comes to Deep frying snacks you have to make sure that you make the perfect batter and that is exactly what I do. Now here is my recipe for making पकौड़ा batter. All that I do is take a huge quantity of the frying flour mixture from STM foods and add the required quantity of water to it and the batter of पकौड़ा is ready. Yes, it is that easy to make the perfect batter for Deep frying veg & non-veg snacks and this is possible only because of STM foods which have been providing the finest quality double refined frying flour mixture. All of the products offered by the company are amazing and of good quality. They have also very good quality sauces, dips, chutneys, mayonnaise, and seasonings for fast foods & culinary joints.

ये secret recipe जब मैंने अपने relatives के साथ share की उन्होंने भी STM food के products को try किया and guess what; they too get amazed to see the difference in the taste after using it in their food item. I have a cousin who has a food outlet in a mall (Saket, Delhi) where he serves different cuisines and for this, he needs tempura flour, which he buys from STM foods. The secret why is because STM foods is giving spice mix also for frying flour, so you don’t have to add even salt, chili & garam masala. Just add this spice mix into frying flour & enjoy the tasty, crispy & crunchy snacks at your home in restaurant style.

So, if you want to get the perfect crispy outer coating for your fried snacks then don’t forget to follow my tip. Just bring the KFC’s style crispy & crunchy coating to the non-veg snacks with the STM Food’s frying flour.





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