Crispy & Crunchy Snacks Foods Need The Best Quality Tempura Flour

Crispy & Crunchy Snacks Foods Need The Best Quality Tempura Flour

When it comes to fried snacks the most important thing is the crispy outer coating that tastes so yummy. The crispiness has to be perfect and for this, the tempura flour batter has to be made to perfection.

Want to know the different uses of frying tempura flour?

The use of tempura flour is to make the batter in which different foods like different vegetables, chicken, meat, fish, etc are dipped and then deep-fried. In other words, it is used for making the crispy outer coating. To make this batter the tempura flour is made and these flours of different grains are mixed in the right proportion. Now mixing the different types of flours in the right quantity is very difficult. Any mistake and you may have to compromise the quality of the tempura flour and also the crispiness of the snack.

Here is an easy way to get the best quality frying tempura flour!

In the case of restaurants and fast-food chains, a large quantity of frying tempura flour is required to fry different types of foodstuffs. Now making the best quality tempura flour is time-consuming and as already mentioned it can be a tough task you may also not be able to get the right quality that is needed. But you do not have to focus on making the tempura flour as you can get ready-made frying tempura flour in the market. But here you must choose the right manufacturer who makes the best quality tempura flour.

STM Foods USP of frying tempura flour:

  • No need to add anything – A spice mix blend masala is also there with a frying flour packet. So even salt, chili, garam masala, etc not required to make better with this flour.
  • 30% less oil absorbed
  • Crispy & Crunchy coating for a longer duration
  • Cost-effective

How to use frying tempura flour: For Batter Making: – Mainly veg snacks

  • One part of frying flour mix with 3 parts of cold water.
  • Stir well with no lumps in the batter
  • Keep resting for 15 min
  • Finally, just dip & fry in the 180-degree oil and get crispy & crunchy snacks.

For Batter Making & Dry Flour Powder: – Mainly non-veg snacks

  • After the preparation of the batter. Keep aside for 15 min
  • Just dip, drag into dry frying flour & fry into the oil and get crispy-crunchy-flaky snacks.

STM Foods can provide you with quality frying tempura flour:

If you want the best quality frying tempura flour then you have to choose one of the best tempura flour manufacturers or the best frying flour and that is STM foods which is known for its quality products. All that you need to do is place the order on the website of STM Foods and the same shall be delivered to you. Make the most crispy veg and non-veg snacks in your restaurant and home by making use of the best quality tempura flour from STM foods. Just make the batter with this readymade flour and get the crispiest snacks. Everyone can try STM food’s sauces, dips, chutney & seasoning along with these lovely crispy crunchy & flaky snacks for a yummy experience.


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