A Unique Co-Partner Of Mouthwatering Shawarma & Other Non-Veg Street Foods

A Unique Co-Partner Of Mouthwatering Shawarma & Other Non-Veg Street Foods

Do you just drool when those succulent pieces of Shawarma chicken or meat come in front of you? Yes, this Arabic dish is absolute bliss and a perfect and yummiest meal. All those Shawarma fans might be aware that there is this secret sauce that can make this finger-licking dish even tastier. It is the second-largest selling & eating street foreign fast food in India now after chow min

Want to Know How You Can Add More Flavor to That Awesome Shawarma?

Making the Shawarma / Shawarma wraps & rolls bite even yummier is now very easy and all that you have to do is choose the perfect accompaniment. Yes, and the best creamy sauce version that you can have with Shawarma is Shawarma Mayonnaise. This is one of the best Shawarma sauces and everyone just love’s this tangy yogurt-based sauce that has coriander, mint, green chili, garlic, and other condiments that make the sauce all the more flavorful. If you are planning to make Shawarma at home or planning to order it from the restaurant nearby do not forget to add a little more zing to the dish with this mayonnaise sauce.

It is not that you can serve this tasty Shawarma mayonnaise only with Shawarma. This sauce is also the perfect dip for other meat-based starters as well as vegetable starters. You can also make a healthy & tasty veggie salad by adding a dash of this sauce to your bowl of vegetables. Next time you want to add a new flavor to your sandwiches then choose this amazing Shawarma dip.

Can’t Wait to Have Shawarma Mayonnaise in Your Kitchen?

So, now you are looking out for recipes to make the Shawarma mayonnaise? You do not have to go through all these hassles as you can get the perfect mayonnaise for Shawarma from the best Shawarma mayonnaise manufacturer. STM Foods has been manufacturing different types of sauces for a long time and Shawarma mayonnaise is their specialty. We are the only one who is making these types of exclusive varieties for Indian street foods. We make the sauce with the best ingredients and this dip from STM Foods is incredible. This shawarma mayo dip will give flavourful addition to all non-veg street foods.

Try it with the following combination;

  • Paratha Roll
  • Chicken lollypop & wings
  • Keema Pao
  • Egg Omelet

Shawarma Mayonnaise will add the unique flavor of sweet, salty & sour to the shawarma & its products.

So, just visit the website of STM Foods and place your order for Shawarma mayonnaise right away and have it delivered to your doorstep.



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