Finger Licking Gravies to Add a New Taste to Your Life

Finger Licking Gravies to Add a New Taste to Your Life

Tired of searching for the best gravies manufacturer? Well, STM foods have brought you excellent quality & variety of gravies to enhance the taste of all the recipes. These gravies are not only appreciated in household sectors but are used in many classic takeaways, restaurants, and hotels. It has a mouth-watering taste and authentic flavor. You can use these gravies to prepare various dishes without compromising the authentic taste & aromas. From base gravies to finished gravies (like tikka gravy, Mughlai gravy to makhani gravy), we have every kind of gravies that you need to add a different flavor to your life. Being the best gravies manufacturer, we use premium quality ingredients.


Product’s details

All the products are available in airtight laminated packets. We are not only the manufacturer, as we are responsible for delivering your gravy to your doorsteps. With a delicious creamy test, you can add some spicy and tangy flavor to every meal you eat. Gravies are the soul of every Curry you eat. These gravies are not only hygienic but are processed to meet the safety requirements. We have an exclusive wide range of gravies for your different kinds of moods.


  • Base Gravies: White Gravy, Yellow Gravy, Brown Gravy, Onion Tomato Gravy, Makhani Gravy, Tomato Makhani Gravy, Curry Masala Gravy, Curry Masala Korma Gravy, etc.
  • Finished Gravies: Rogan Josh Gravy, Fish Gravy, Manchurian Gravy, Schezwan Gravy, Butter Chicken Gravy, Tikka Gravy, Tandoori Gravy, Spinach Gravy, etc.


Why Choose From STM Foods?

Being the best gravies manufacturer, we aim to provide premium quality gravies made out of premium quality ingredients. These gravies can be a great help to complex food preparation. The gravies that we provide will easily meet your expectation. Professional chefs prepare these. STM foods have a long history of observing the best ingredients to people since their inception. It has never once disappointed people when it comes to food.


Benefits Of Using the Products


Try all kinds of gravies for your kitchen inventory to add a new spice to your life. The taste characteristics of all these gravies are quite creamy, savory, and very very authentic in taste. Some of the benefits of using the products:

  • We have prepared the best gravy for your food with an extensive mixture of vegetable pastes, milk solids, vegetable powders, double refined sugar, cashew nuts, melon seeds, Rock salt, tomato powder, hung curd, herbs, and many other premium spices & condiments as ingredients.
  • We assure you that these gravies will enhance the taste of your food severalfold.
  • Gravies are the most important ingredient in any food you eat which is why we aim to provide you with the best.
  • You can easily make some Indian, Continental, Mughlai curries/meals with our base gravies.


You must have a great collection of gravies to make people love your food even more. Enjoy every meal with the perfect combination of gravies alongside.

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