Spice Up The Gravies With The Right Gravy Pastes

Spice Up The Gravies With The Right Gravy Pastes

There is a special place for gravies in Indian cuisine. The perfect gravy goes well with Rotis, bread, and rice and is a must during lunch and dinner. Making tasty gravies is not an easy task as you need to add different herbs and spices and condiments in the right proportion to get the perfect taste.

Do You Know You Can Now Make Gravies In Just A Few Minutes?

Whether you are planning to make peas and paneer gravy or you are making special chicken gravy for dinner you have to spend lots of time making the gravy paste. You need to first make the ginger and garlic paste and then collect all the spices and condiments that you need to add. If you miss out on having the right proportion of spices and herbs then you cannot get the perfect taste. Oh, so it is such a tough task to make your favorite gravies. But what if you got to know that you can now make vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian gravies in just a few minutes? We are sure you are surprised and feel that this is some kind of a joke.

But this is very much possible because you can now get ready-made ginger garlic paste as well as different types of base gravy pastes & authentic gravies easily. So whether you have to make gravies in a large quantity for a party or whether you have a restaurant where you want to serve yummy gravies you must choose this option of gravy paste made by the best gravies manufacturer.

STM Foods Is Known For Its Delicious Gravy Pastes:

Wondering from where you can get the best quality gravy pastes? You simply have to choose the best manufacturer and that is STM Foods. This company has many different gravy pastes and different types of seasonings that you can use to make your gravies truly tasty.

  • Butter Chicken Gravy
  • Rogan Josh Gravy
  • Kadai Chicken/Paneer Gravy
  • Fish Gravy
  • Achari Gravy
  • Soya Chap Gravy
  • Malai Gravy
  • Onion Tomato Gravy
  • Tomato Makhani Gravy
  • Yellow Base Gravy
  • White Base Gravy
  • Veg All-Purpose Gravy

Choose from the wide range of products of STM Foods and cook dishes with the perfect taste. Place the order for gravy pastes, marinade pastes, seasonings, etc on the website of STM Foods.



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