Cook Tasty Gravies Quickly Using STM Base Gravies For Curries

Cook Tasty Gravies Quickly Using STM Base Gravies For Curries

Gravies are one of the most important parts of Indian cuisine and whether it is your home or restaurant demand for curries is always there. Yes but making curries is not an easy task and you need to have patience and also know the correct recipe to cook the best curry. It is like a dream come true for hoteliers or cloud kitchen, and catering units owner because they don’t have required to purchase vegetables, cut & chop, thawing, frying & mixing the spices to get it done. Wastages also be down. And the chef can relax only to prepare the final touch of dishes.

The plethora of curries in Indian cuisine:

For different vegetables lentils etc we make different types of gravy preparation which is needed to make that particular curry. You cannot use the base gravy of dal makhani for your paneer masala or mix vegetable curry as well as non-veg curries like butter chicken, rogal josh etc. Preparing authentic curries that have the right ingredients is a challenging task. First of all, you must have an idea about which ingredients are needed to make the base gravy, next you must have an idea about the proportion of the ingredients and the recipe for making the gravy. All this is a tedious task and if you make a mistake then your curry is not going to taste good or the gravy may not have the required consistency etc.

What if there is an easy way of making the best curries?

Are you looking out for an easy way of making tasty curries but do not have the recipe for the same? Do you want to have an option where you can make the curries quickly without compromising on the taste part? All this is now possible and this is due to one of the best base gravies for curries manufacturers and that is STM Foods. This company manufactures different types of gravies and they supply them to many restaurants and people also use them in their homes.

The onion tomato gravy of STM Foods has onion tomatoes, ginger garlic, and different spices and whereas the yellow gravy has a lovely yellow color and these base gravies can be used to make different curries. They have many other gravies like curry masala, white base gravy, tikka masala gravy, etc. Stm Foods is making some very exotic and exclusive marinade paste also to get veg or non-veg food makes yummy and easily prepared dishes.

Gravies :

  • Onion Tomato Gravy
  • Yellow Gravy
  • White Gravy
  • Butter Chicken Gravy
  • Rogan Josh Gravy
  • Achari Gravy

To order the required gravies just place the order on STM Foods and cook the best curries easily


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