Give Your North Indian Food The Taste Of Tandoori Mayonnaise Sauce

Give Your North Indian Food The Taste Of Tandoori Mayonnaise Sauce

Be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian when it comes to trying something unique and grilled or tandoori taste of foods like paneer, mushroom, soy chap, chicken, prawns, and many more we may wonder that how can we have it at home without much effort for preparing it that too with the tandoori taste of the items in it. If these are all your needs, you are at the right place as we have the best solutions to your choice and desire. So get ready with your knives and fork because we have something special that will soothe your hunger pangs and satisfy your taste buds with the best cravings that you longed for. It is all with us in the form of all this beautiful and incredible tasting tandoori mayonnaise. It is made of a good mixture of vegetable paste, curd, milk solids, turmeric, garam masala, amchure powder, chili, Kasturi methi powder with some of our unique blend of spices and that’s all for its ingredients. But it will need much effort & a specific process to make, so why not just sit back at home and order “Tandoori Mayonnaise Manufacturer or Sauce” online and give your everyday foods a mouth-watering tandoori taste.

Tandoori Mayonnaise/Sauce uses

It can be used in several recipes, and they are:

  • Making of potato salad
  • Tandoori burger
  • Tandoori baked cheesy pizza
  • Making of tomato pie
  • Paneer tikka/Chicken tikka
  • As a pizza sauce
  • Cheese potato balls dip sauce
  • Tandoori grilled stuffed eggs
  • Tandoori chicken
  • Tandoori mushroom
  • Soy chap
  • Tandoori dosa
  • Tandoori idli
  • Tandoori vada
  • Tandoori prawn
  • Other veg and non -veg recipes
  • Tandoori sandwiches
  • Grilled non-veg items
  • Grilled cheese stuffed chicken breasts
  • Tandoori ladyfingers

This excellent tandoori variant (mayonnaise/sauce) is available with us. It has reasonable prices from other manufacturers that have been linked with us and in the process will provide you with the best branded Tandoori Mayonnaise Online & Sauce.


Who doesn’t love mayonnaise? As mayonnaise is famous as a dip, it forms one of the significant sauces or ingredients in many of the recipes included from breakfast to cooking tandoori items like tandoori naan, veg or non-veg snacks, which plays a significant role. It is also trendy among today’s generation. A classic combination of western mayonnaise with vegetables and the blend of Indian species of smoky/tandoori flavor will satisfy your cravings and will let you fall for it.

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