Making All Kinds of Indian Curries Takes Just A Few Minutes

Making All Kinds of Indian Curries Takes Just A Few Minutes

You may be shocked reading the title that all types of Indian curries can be made in a few minutes. Some of you may think that this is some kind of a joke because making delicious Indian curries is a long and time taking task. While preparing the scrumptious Indian curries, first of all, you have to make different gravy bases and then add different spices and condiments in the right proportions.

By profession, I am a caterer and even I was of the same opinion until I got to know about STM Foods’ through the internet to buy online gravies in Horeca bulk 1 kg pack. One of my batchmates in the catering college told me about STM and I did a Google search on STM Foods and its ranking. I found that STM एक जाना पहचाना brand है that supplied different gravy mixes to different restaurants, cloud kitchens, etc. since 2008 & now everyone can purchase these different gravies online from their STM Foods mobile app. It is so easy, can be downloaded from the Google app store.

So, I decided किक्यूँ न इसके products को try करके देखा जाए. So, I buy a few small packs of their products to try them out in my kitchen. The taste was amazing and the delicious curries were ready in just a few minutes. Also, I did not have to spend time making the gravy base. So, now I regularly order online gravies in Horeca bulk 1 kg pack from STM Foods mobile app and I have to say that इनका तो जवाब नहीं. So, if you also want to make all types of Indian gravies in your kitchen then all that you have to do is place the order for the different gravy mixes like white gravy base, yellow gravy, brown gravy, onion tomato gravy, makhani gravy, kadai gravy base and also some ready-made gravies like butter chicken gravy, rogan josh gravy, fish gravy, Manchurian gravy, achari gravy, tikka gravy, soy chap masala & malai gravy, etc. on the website of STM foods right away.


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