Yummy Momos Filling Masala बनाना है अब Easy………

Yummy Momos Filling Masala बनाना है अब Easy………

The first time I had momos was when we were on a family holiday in Sikkim. Oh, those soft dumplings filled with yummy veggies and chicken just melted in the mouth. Since that time momo हमारे पूरे परिवार का favorite snack बन गया. There are many momo joints in our neighborhood from where we can easily purchase them but I prefer to make these at home. Especially after the pandemic I always try to prepare different dishes at home so that kids do not demand restaurant food.

My first try at making momos was a big failure. Though I was able to get the dough consistency and texture right, I failed miserably with the taste of the filling. While preparing momos, keep in mind that the Momos filling masalas have to be perfect to get that authentic taste. But somehow I was not getting it right. So, I was looking out for the momos filling masala recipe online and that is when I came to know about STM Foods and its different types of Momos filling masalas like veg, non-veg & paneer momos filling masalas. The product has good online reviews and so I decided that why not try the filling masala of STM Foods in making momos?

When I made the momos using the filling masala from STM foods I got that same taste that we had enjoyed in Sikkim. I was showered with so much praise for the momos that I made using the filling masala from STM. Now I ensure that I have enough stock of the different types of momos filling masala from STM Foods. I have mastered the art of making momos and very soon I am also planning to take orders for momos. Yipee! अब तो मैं खुद का business करूंगी. because I can get different momos sauces, dips, chutneys, and mayonnaise along with these filling masalas from Noida (NCR) where STM food’s factory is situated. Thanks to STM Foods & your team to provide such a great product in the market.





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