जानना चाहोगे? Why Do I Use All In One Gravy – Curry Masala Gravy For 50 Curries?

जानना चाहोगे? Why Do I Use All In One Gravy – Curry Masala Gravy For 50 Curries?

I am into industrial catering for more than five years and I provide healthy meals to the canteens of a few companies based in Pune. I have a reputation for being a caterer who provides good quality, healthy and scrumptious food. Now since I am into industrial catering you can imagine the quantum of workload. I have to ensure that I provide different sabzis and gravies every day. That’s why; I use only pure ingredients and fresh vegetables in making all food items. कभी कभी तो मैं भगवान  से दुआ करती थी कि कुछ चमत्कार हो जाए और मुझे All in one gravy-curry masala gravy for 50 curries या ऐसा ही कुछp roduct मिल जाए जिसे use करके कई तरह की करी बनाईजा सके.

Anyways, to reduce my workload I make a team that starts work very early in the morning and they have to ensure that the रोटी, सब्जी, दाल-चावल, and सलाद are all ready in time. My effort is to try and give my staff solutions that can help them complete their work fast and with less effort. But at the same time, I ensure that there is no compromise between quality and taste. With this aspect in view, I use the All in one gravy-curry Masala gravy for 50 curries from STM Foods. This gravy masala has awesome taste and it makes the curries delicious. All that my staff has to do is clean and cut the veggies and add the curry masala while cooking and that’s it. No need of grinding different masalas and this helps in saving time.

Besides All one gravy – Curry Masala Gravy for 50 curries I also make use of different marinades and sauces of STM. अब तो ये हालत हैकि हमारी बनाई करी कीdemandबढती जा रही हैand all credit goes to STM.





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