मेरे चाट Corner की मज़ेदार Panipuri का राज़ !

मेरे चाट Corner की मज़ेदार Panipuri का राज़ !

My chaat corner is very famous for different kinds of chaat items but the fastest-selling item is पानीपूरी and जलजीरा. Now you may be wondering की what is the special ingredient that I put in panipuri and jaljeera that people throng at my outlet for these items. Ye अब तक एक secret था पर आज मैं अपनी सफलताका मंत्र आपको बताती हूँ. I want to tell you here that I was not seeing this type of success earlier. सच्ची.When I started the outlet,मैं जलजीरा और पानीपूरी का पानी masala बनाती थी खुद से बनाती थी.On some days it would have superb taste whereas on some days it would not be up to the mark and this was having an impact on my sales. इस बात ने मेरे मनोबल को गिरा दिया.

Then I decided to pull up my sleeves and find a solution for this. At that time, I came to know about STM foods from my neighbor. उसने बताया कि STM foods sells ready-made concentrate for जलजीरा और पानी पूरी का पानी जिस का स्वाद amazing है. I decided to use the same और इसका नतीज़ा wonderful था. I have also started using the इमली and mint chutney of STM foods. The taste was authentic and I was able to give the same relishing panipuri and jaljeera to my patrons every day.

Benefits to use panipuri/jaljeera concentrate :

  • One lit concentrate mixed with 9 lit of water. So we can get 10 lit of panipuri ka pani from one lit concentrate. Similarly for jaleera concentrate also.
  • Both tastes are very good. Whereas panipuri is sweet & tangi. And jaljeera is tangy & spicy.
  • Authentic Indian taste
  • Easy to use
  • Cost-effective
  • Hassle-free to use for business purposes
  • Standardization. This means each & every time you can get the same quality of taste & flavor of panipuri and jaljeera

This change was reflected in the sales that I got and today I am considered one of the top चाटवाला in the city. आज, My business is successful and the major credit for this goes to STM Foods from where I purchase the जलजीरा और पानीपूरीका पानी concentrate and add extra taste in the golgappas of my chaat corner. And most of all we are planning to go for franchisee system operation on a bigger scale for the whole of India. I firmly believe that we can generate venture funding also for this unique business idea to provide different flavors (100 types) of panipuri under one roof and Mr. Vikas (GM) of STM Foods is assured us to provide all this flavored concentrate soon.





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